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onlineviolintutor FAQ
  • How Do I Cancel My Membership?
    We are sorry to see you go, but if you would still like to cancel your membership, then you can do so from your account. Please note, that as soon as you cancel, you will no longer be able to access the Silver Membership area or the Forum.
  • Why Can't I Access The Forum?
    Access to the forum is only granted for 'Silver Membership' . If you are trying access the forum as a Blue Membership level, you will need to upgrade to Silver. Plese note: when you cancel your silver membership, you will instantly lose access to all the sheet music and mp3s etc, and the forum.
  • Will There Be New Additions of Violin Sheet Music?
    Yes! This site will only continue to grow on a monthly basis. When new violin music has been. added to the DropBox catalog (access granted via Silver Membership) it will be added on the 'Whats New' page/blog which will just notify you to the latest releases and additions.
  • How Do I Contact You?
    If you are a Silver Member, there will be an email address at the very bottom of the website in the grey bar. There shouldn't be any reason to contact Alison or her team, but should you need to get a hold of her, then you can use this email address. This email address will only be visible and available to Silver Members when logged in. If you are a Silver Member and cannot see the email address at the bottom, then make sure you are logged into your account. If you have a query regarding cancelling your subscription, then please look at FAQ No.1 above, which answers how to cancel your subscription. Please do NOT use this email address to contact Alison and her team, regarding any other issues that are not related to this website. Those emails will be ignored. Any issues relating to this website will be responded to within 48hrs - due to time zone differences.
  • How Do I Claim My Free eBook for 3 Continious Months of Silver Membership?
    Once you have been a Silver Member on this site for 3 consecutive months, you will be entitled to one free ebook from my online shop (* ------------------------------------ To qualify for the free book, you must be a Silver Member for 3 consecutive months. For every additional 3 consecutive months you are a Silver Member, you will receive another free ebook of your choice. If you stay a Silver Member, you can receive up to 4 free ebooks each year! ------------------------------------ PLEASE NOTE: *You will receive your free ebook at the end of each 3rd qualifying month. This is for ONE ebook - does not include a 'series' of books, any 'combo deal' or any packages. YOU will need to contact me (the email will be at the very bottom of this website visible to Silver Members) to claim your ebook when you have completed 3 months of Silver Membership.
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