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The new community forum!

So a great feature of this new website is that I now have my very own community forum.

I want it to be more of a private place (compared to YouTube) where like-minded violinists and musicians can come and hang out and ask questions to gain knowledge and insight.

The forum will be moderated by myself and my team and I will be popping in and answering any questions best I can, to help you all further your playing.

The forum is only available to those who are Silver Members, so you will need to 'upgrade' from Blue to Silver to be able to access it.

I'm also open to suggestions on how I can make this site (and my YouTube channel) better for you, so if you have any suggestions for me questions on my books, or have any video or sheet music requests, then please do post them in the forum and I will respond to them.

Alison and the Team

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